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      ABOUT US


Welcome to the Chefs Pantry website.

Please look through the catalogue & products to view our range.


Chef’s Pantry is a PROUD AUSTRALIAN fresh cut processor, food manufacturer, contract manufacturer, distributor and supplier of over 8.000 food and disposable (environmentally friendly & sustainable) packaging products. With 29 years of manufacturing and supply experience you’re in good hands.

Our range of products is designed to reduce the biggest cost in your kitchen … labour. It’s hard to find good staff to maintain consistency and a quality product on the plate. Chefs Pantry products reduce the pressure in the kitchen by letting chefs do what their paid to do cook. The prep that takes hours and hours can be simply and cost effectively brought in to give Chefs the time to make a better product.

Chefs Pantry fresh cut and value added products; – reduce wastage, reduce the risk of knife injury, improve storage space in your coolroom, improve efficiencies, and control raw material costs. Our products have extended shelf life due to our unique JIT (just in time) process.

Chefs Pantry is a one stop shop for a huge range of products and by utilizing our services you can cut down the number of suppliers you use. One of our strengths is our Gluten Free and Vegetarian range, (as well fructose free, lactose free & dairy free range) of over 1,200 products (please go to the downloads section or search the website).

We look forward to working with you.



stirfry flyingChef’s Pantry has strong abilities in the fresh cut processing field. The company can process a huge volume of fresh cut vegetables and value added products per week due to our unique machines, well trained staff and processes. We are HACCP certified. Supply of quality fresh produce and raw materials is our strength. The company purchases direct off local farms and through our network of growers and agents. Products are manufactured against your order and delivered on the day they are manufactured. Yes … we start very early. Chefs Pantry has its own delivery fleet and supplies directly to Melbourne based customers with subcontractors and couriers delivering to most Victoria country areas. We deliver interstate daily however the product range is limited as fresh cut lines do not travel well. The main products we deliver interstate are frozen and dry product. Products are also exported daily. Chefs Pantry has unique machines to wash and sanitize, cut, puree, blend, mix, spin dry and pack. We can contract manufacture fresh cut products, salads or food products to your specification, recipe or requirement (MOQ applies). Chefs Pantry has volume cooking abilities as well. A team of chefs produce a quality range of salads, soups, stocks, jus and sauces, stews, curries, sautéed and caramelized products. As well as a range of vegetable burgers, rostis, falafel, lasagnes, mayonnaise and contract manufactured products. We have sales consultants to meet with you to discuss your individual needs.


chefs pantry logo 4Chefs Pantry has been looking for new and innovative products to add to the range.

We have added a number of new sweet and savoury pastry shell lines and a huge range of dessert garnishes, Confit Duck Products, and Free Range Mayonnaise amongst other lines.

As well we have added to our Range of disposable products this new range is Environmentally friendly and is Sustainable as the product is completely biodegradable .

Our Asian Ingredient and Product offer has also improved by over 200 products and we can supply most of the Thai, Japanese and Indian ingredient & raw materials.

Fingerfood have also had a boost and there are a number of new products to add to your menus.

Lastly a new range of desserts including mini eclairs and mini individual tarts.

All new products are available in our download section.

APP ORDERING IS NOW LIVE & FREE available from the app store on both iPhone and Andriod… Make your ordering easier and quicker ….

scentee2applogo Chefs Pantry has launched our FREE app (for iPhone and Android). We launched the android version 16.8.2016  …. You can download it at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chefs-pantry/id1135862543?ls=1&mt=8 or go to the app store YES ITS FREE. We look forward to hearing from you and your feedback.